MongoDB In The Brew City

Change is the one constant!

When I started this blog a few months ago, my intention had been to be (yet another) primarily Oracle focused blog.  But as I had described in my previous post regarding my new found Mongo-curiosity, I had become very interested in MongoDB, a non-relational database that seems to be exploding in popularity.

Why?  I think the best answer to that that I have read to this point was posted on MongoLab's blog.

For the past couple of months, I've been immersing myself in all things MongoDB - webinars, tutorials, eBooks... And I must say, I really like this technology.  And I find myself chomping at the bit to learn everything I can, and then some, about the deployment and administration of MongoDB databases - possibly even picking up a little development knowledge along the way.  The challenge lies in that I've been unable to develop a use case for it at work that will allow me to develop the knowledge and skills I'd like to have.

So I formed a user group!  BrewMUG - Milwaukee's MongoDB User Group

With BrewMUG, I hope to create a community of MongoDB developers and DBA's to

  • foster interest in MongoDB in a social atmosphere
  • provide a forum for learning the in and outs of working with MongoDB
  • network with other professionals interested in deploying MongoDB
  • enjoy pizza and drinks with IT geeks ;)

Whether you've never touched MongoDB or you've deployed it in production and you're located in southeastern Wisconsin, please join our Meetup.com group!  We are also active on Google+ and post to Twitter with updates and important FYI's.

We hope to see you at the inaugural meetup!