Hi.  My name is John... and I'm Mongo-curious.

I think it's safe to say that you can't possibly be involved in databases today and not have heard the terms Big Data and NoSQL, usually in the same conversation.  Coming from a relational database background, as I expect most of us are, I've found the idea of non-relational databases intriguing to say the very least.  And I've been trying to become more familiar with the concepts involved.

The problem, as you may be well aware, is that there are no universal definitions as to what NoSQL is nor what Big Data means.

As I mentioned on Google+ today, I was reading an article on GigaOM entitled "MongoDB or MySQL?  Why Not Both?"  And that prompted me to spend a little time looking into MongoDB (which I've been curious about if for no other reason that the name is cool and I've heard it works well with Python).  Which brings me to the reason for this post...

I came across a free eBook — "The Little MongoDB Book" — that is an outstanding, brief introduction to MongoDB, by Karl Seguin.  I read it (in iBooks on my iPad) in less than an evening!  The chapter on MapReduce alone made the time spent worthwhile!

I'm looking forward to diving into the examples provided in the book over the weekend.  But I'd like to thank Karl for providing such an excellent and free resource to us all!