Google+ For Your Professional Persona

A few weeks ago, I made a brief post on Google+ that attempted to summarize how and why I've seen my G+ usage steadily increasing over the last few months.  That trend has continued to a point where I have found myself in not a few conversations not regarding G+ as a replacement for my personal Facebook account (even though it has been), but rather focused upon the use of Google+ as a central hub and social glue for my professional persona online.

We all have our motivations for what is common referred to as "building your personal brand" online.  And by and large, there are many different paths you can take in this pursuit.  Invariably, however, we all seem to have all or some combination of the following in common:

  • Twitter feed
  • LinkedIn profile
  • professional blog
  • Facebook profile
  • and ever more increasingly... a Google+ account

And this presents a challenge.  What will you use as your primary presence?

What follows will be a series of blog posts on using Google+ as the hub for your professional life online.  To get started, in my next post I'll be focusing on why utilizing G+ as your hub to leverage the power of the entire Google ecosystem is the most practical answer to this question.