Herding Elephants

It may be readily apparent that from its outset, this blog has lacked focus. And as it has sputtered along and been neglected at times, I've wondered where to take it and what I should focus upon. And I think that question has now been answered.

Over the past few months I've become quite enamored of the PostgreSQL database. Obsessed you might say. So much so, in fact, that I've decided to make it the new focal point of my career after many years as an Oracle DBA. I think the future for Postgres is very bright. It's the only open source database that I would put in the same league as Oracle, and also has many features that would make even a lover of the non-relational, NoSQL movement a happy camper. (And with the ridiculous pricing structure for Oracle these days...)

My hope is that by making a commitment to myself to use this blog as a record of my successes and failures in attempting to transition (translate?) my knowledge of the Oracle database into some sort of mastery of PostgreSQL someday, I will not only be motivating myself to keep the process rolling along, but also leaving a trail of breadcrumbs for other Oracle DBAs who find themselves among the elephants.